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About Us

Arva is Indonesia's premier fashion institution. Arva's students and alumni are highly recognized for fashion. Founded in 1989, we are known for unique, adaptable academic contents, industry partnership, commitment to academic research and entrepreneurship.

Arva continues to operate in a way that actively plays a positive role in society by initiating educative ways to improve the quality of life locally and nationally.

We strive to create and deliver the highest quality education programs in fashion and fashion-related with a continued commitment to promote best business practices in respect of the people and the environment.


To give education on skill that will increase student’s knowledge, creativity, and craftsmanship. So that Graduates can make products and service that will provide students with maximum employment opportunities.



Arva is committed to inspire, and to educate the community. Our diverse community of students and faculty explores multiple sites and scales of engagement, from local or national.

Arva creates, innovate, and give high quality education in fashion and other related subjects with full commitment to contribute in the community.

Arva School of Fashion